XBingo Game, Set and Match bonus codes!

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Wimbledon begins today and XBingo are gettng into the swing of things. 

XBingo are offering players the chance to claim 3 fantastic bonus codes in their "Game, Set and Match" promotion.  The promotion takes place from today (25th June) through to 6th July and offers you the chance of a 60%, 75& and a massive 100% deposit match. 

  • Use bonus code "GAME" - On Monday deposit just £10 using "GAME" and you will get a 60% bonus.
  • Use bonuse code "Set" - Everyone who takes part on Monday can then claim a 75% bonus the following Wednesday
  • Use bouns code "Match" - Finally, if you have claimed on Monday and Wednesday you can claim the big one – a whopping 100% reload bonus

Please note:

Players must claim each preceding bonus to qualify for future ones. For example, players must deposit on Monday and use promo code GAME in order to claim the SET bonus on Wednesday. Players must then claim the SET bonus on Wednesday to qualify for the MATCH bonus on Friday.

If you deposit just £10 on each of the three days (£30 in total) your bonus total will be £23.50.  See XBingo for more details

  • £10 Deposit x 60% = £6
  • £10 Deposit x 75% = £7.50
  • £10 Deposit x 100% = £10

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