Sir Arthurs Day Bingo at Paddy

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Celebrate Sir Arthur's Day with a Guranteed £1,000 to be won

I imagine a number of puzzled face wondering who Sir Arthur is?  How about if we call him Sir Arthur Guiness...  That's right the great founder of the Guiness Brewery Business.

So Paddy Power have a great promotion to celebrate the anniversary of Sir Arthur Guinness Day. 

4 Guiness Linx Games worth £1,000 in Prizes

Paddy are hosting games worth a massive £1,000 in prizes on Thursday 27th September.  The beer swilling action kicks off at 5.54pm in a number of rooms - Sapphire, Topaz, Paddy's Pad and Bargain Basement rooms and tickets are only 10p!

The Full Games Schedule

Each game plays for a £250 jackpot including Roll On Bingo extra House Prizes!

  • 5.54pm (This game finishes at 17.59 - Why is that so special?)
  • 7pm
  • 8pm
  • 9pm

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