Wink Bingo announce their brand new £6,000 Free Bingo Game

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Free Bingo seems to be high on everyone’s agenda nowadays and with the majority of bingo sites offering some sort of free bingo within their sites, it can be difficult to decide which site should be your regular one.

Some sites offer daily free bingo and some sites offer exclusive entry free bingo rooms however have you ever heard of a £6,000 free bingo game?  If not, then one has just been announced on the no deposit required bingo site, Wink Bingo.

Think of what you could do with £6,000! Buy a car, put a deposit down on a house or go a holiday of a lifetime with you and your family. The list is endless but there is no doubt that this amount of money could definitely make a difference in your life.  What’s extra special about this game is that Wink Bingo are giving their players the chance to get their tickets for free!

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So, how do you go about getting you free tickets? Well, it’s simple….  You need to collect Spring Fling points which you can start doing from the 8th March!  The more points you receive the more free tickets you are rewarded with.  For every 500 points that you earn, you will receive 1 free bingo ticket for this fabulous £6,000 jackpot game.

There are 5 very simple ways collect points for this game.

1) The first way is to call bingo on either the broom or flowers pattern.  If you do this, then 20 points are yours.

2) The 2nd way is related to your wagering on the instant games.  For every £20 you spend on instants, you will receive 1 point.

3) The 3rd way is probably the easiest of them all.  Email the Wink Bingo team and let them know what you would do with the cash. Do this and you will receive 50 points.

4) Next we have your wagering in any of the 75 or 90 ball bingo rooms on Wink Bingo.  When you wager £6 on bingo tickets in any of these rooms then you will receive 20 points.

5) Last but not least, you will receive a very rewarding 500 points every time you call full house on the fridge freezer pattern.  That is equivalent to 1 free bingo ticket straight away!

There is plenty of time for you to gain lots of free bingo tickets for this bingo game as it does not play until the 26th May.  With this being a 1TG bingo game, even the runners up waiting on 1 number will receive a prize.  Head on down to Wink Bingo and start gaining those Spring Fling bingo points so you can have an opportunity to scoop some of that £6,000!

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