Bonfire Night Bingo with 888 Ladies

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Bonfire Night Bingo with 888 Ladies BingoThe saying goes, "Remember, remember the 5th of November" and this year you'll be glad you did!

888 Ladies have a special pre-buy game, "the £500 Firecracker" explodes on to the scene at 9pm and the lucky winner will be doing 'catherine' wheels as 888 Ladies shower them with £400 cash, whilst 1tg winners share £75 and the 2tg winners share £25!

Get showered on with winnings on 5 Nov with these amazing prizes!

  • Winner - £400 in Cash
  • 1TG - £75 in Cash
  • 2TG - £25 in Cash

In keeping with the 'penny for the guy' tradition cards are just 1p, and the first person to bingo on the bonfire pattern wins. Make your way to the JACKPOTS tab now, max out for under £1, and you could be saying 'Oooh' and 'Aaaahh' when you win the £500 fountain of cash!

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