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We've scoured the internet to bring you the best bingo software and networks in the industry. Our expert team has rigorously tested and analysed each platform to ensure we can guide you in the right direction, whatever type of player you are.

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Software & Networks Explained

Bingo software and networks are the backbone of the bingo industry. Without them, there wouldn’t be anywhere near as many bingo sites to play at, or bingo games to get involved in. On this page, we’ll be looking at bingo site software and networks and why they're essential factors to consider when choosing a bingo site.

Bingo software refers to the technology used to run bingo games on a website. The software is responsible for the variety of bingo rooms, side games and the overall look and usability of the bingo site. Good bingo software is crucial for providing a fun and engaging gaming experience with some of the most popular bingo site software providers including Dragonfish, Virtue Fusion, and Pragmatic Play.

The bingo network, on the other hand, is the collection of bingo sites that share the same pool of players. This means that players on different bingo sites within the same network can play against each other, increasing the size of the prize pool and making the games more exciting. Some of the best bingo networks include Playtech’s Virtue Fusion network, Dragonfish’s Real Bingo Network and Entain’s bingo network.

When choosing a bingo site, it's important to consider both the software and network. A software provider ensures that the games run as expected according to schedule, while a strong network means that there are more players and bigger prizes to be won. So, if you're looking for the best online bingo experience, be sure to choose a site with top-notch software and a community-strong network.

Popular bingo software:

  • Playtech Virtue Fusion: The Virtue Fusion bingo software was purchased by Playtech in 2010 and features 90-ball, 80-ball and 75-ball bingo as well as branded bingo games such as Age of the Gods Bingo and Grease Bingo.

  • Dragonfish: The Dragonfish software offers both 90-ball and 75-ball bingo as well as over 800 slot games from leading developers. Popular networks Real Bingo Network and Globalcom use the Dragonfish software.

  • Pragmatic Play: Despite only being launched in 2018, Pragmatic Play bingo software has been adopted by big bingo sites such as PlayOJO Bingo and Heart Bingo and showcases multiple bingo variants from 90-ball to 30-ball bingo.

Popular bingo networks:

  • Playtech Virtue Fusion: The Virtue Fusion network also runs on the Playtech software with constant promotions across the sites like special jackpot bingo rooms and daily spinners such as Buzz Bingo’s spinner or Kitty Bingo’s Daily Kitty Wheel.

  • Real Bingo Network: The Real Bingo Network runs on Dragonfish software and all sites on the network have no wagering requirements attached to their bonuses. There are also frequent promotions such as free spins and bingo tickets available when opting in via email, SMS or post.

  • Entain: The Entain network evolved from the Cozy Games platform which was acquired by Entain in 2017. The Entain bingo network offers daily promotions such as escalator jackpot games as well as free and penny bingo rooms.

Best Bingo Software & Networks

Despite there being hundreds of bingo sites available online in the UK, there are only around 10 software providers powering bingo on even the biggest of brands.

We’ve chosen the best and most popular bingo software providers and networks of the bunch, and selected the best bingo sites using them…

Best Bingo Software for New Players

If you’re new to bingo then you’ll probably find the whole subject of bingo software a little daunting - we don’t blame you! Thankfully, our expert team can guide you towards the best bingo software for new players so that you can get started on your new bingo adventure quickly and easily.

Best Bingo Software for Experienced Players

If you’re a bingo veteran, or on your way to becoming one, then you’ll probably be looking to get a bit more out of your bingo experience. Here’s our suggestion for the more advanced players among you…

Best Bingo Software for 90 Ball Bingo

90-ball bingo is the most popular form of bingo and considered to be the easiest and most fun variety of bingo to play. If you love a good game of solid 90-ball, then follow our recommendation below…

Best Bingo Software for 75 Ball Bingo

75-ball bingo has been extremely popular for over 80 years and love for this version doesn't look like slowing down anytime soon. If you like to deviate from tradition and go for various patterns to mix things up a bit, then check out our favourite bingo software for 75-ball bingo.

Best Bingo Software for 30 Ball Bingo

Like it fast and furious? 30-ball bingo is definitely for those who need a hit of adrenaline to accompany their bingo-daubing entertainment. You won't find this frantic bingo favourite at many bingo sites, so avoid the disappointment and allow us to point you in the right direction of the best bingo software for 30-ball bingo

Best Bingo Software for Slot Players

Many bingo players also enjoy playing online slots. If that sounds like you, then choosing a bingo site with plenty of slots on offer is a must. The bingo software below offers both exciting bingo games and the best selection of online slots all in one place. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Bingo Networks

Choosing a bingo site by its software is one thing, but understanding what network it runs on is also worth understanding as different networks offer different benefits and features.

There are 5 major bingo networks powering the majority of UK bingo sites - let’s dive a little deeper into each one…

Virtue Fusion (Playtech)

Anyone familiar with the Playtech brand will be in no doubt as to how popular and well-respected this company is in the online gaming industry. Virtue Fusion was actually an independent company before being acquired by Playtech, but is now bigger and better than ever. 

Virtue Fusion is a dedicated bingo network that works tirelessly to provide some of the best bingo entertainment anywhere in the UK. The network is integrated into major gaming brands including Paddy Power Bingo, Betfair Bingo and Betfred Bingo.

Many of the bingo rooms and games are linked and shared across all Virtue Fusion bingo sites, which is why you will probably notice similarities between them. You'll also find huge jackpots and special promotions that are among the best in the business.

That’s not to say every bingo site on the network is the same as the next or that all players share the same games. Most Virtue Fusion bingo sites have their own exclusive rooms, games and prizes as well as networked rooms.

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Real Bingo Network (Dragonfish)

During your quest to find the best bingo network, you’re bound to come across the Real Bingo Network. This incredible network running on the powerful Dragonfish bingo software began in 2017 and has steadily integrated a number of leading brands over the last few years.

Real Bingo Network sites include Blighty Bingo, Loadsa Bingo and YAY Bingo to name just a few, and they all share one major thing in common - none of the bingo sites on the Real Bingo Network have wagering requirements on their offers or promotions. Instead, all winnings from their bonuses, free bingo tickets and free spins, are paid in cash!

Anything you win (subject to other terms and conditions) is paid into your real cash balance without any wagering necessary, so you can do with it as you please.

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Globalcom (Dragonfish)

You might not be familiar with the name Globalcom, but over the last few years this Dragonfish bingo network has been growing in popularity, despite players not really being aware of it.

What was originally developed by 888, then changed its name to Cassava and became synonymous with the Dragonfish brand using the 888 network. It was difficult to untangle the connections but eventually, Globalcom became its own network a little later on.

You can now find some of the best bingo sites utilising the network including Bucky Bingo, Hunky Bingo and Bonnie Bingo. These bingo sites offer some incredible bingo action with a host of entertainment throughout the popular rooms.

These games include 90-ball and 75-ball bingo, plus there are low-price games starting from just 5p and even a few freebies thrown in as well. 

Globalcom is almost identical to the Real Bingo Network except that Globalcom has wagering requirements on its offers and promotions, and a couple of the games differ. Players from both networks can join shared games though, thereby adding to the potential prize pools.

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Pragmatic Play

We’ve become accustomed to Pragmatic Play’s innovative approach to iGaming over the last few years, and they never rest on their laurels. They are continuously adding exciting new touches to their products, and this progressive thinking has become even more apparent through their bingo network, which is now one of the most highly-regarded products out there.

With sites such as bet365, PlayOJO Bingo and Heart Bingo, you can enjoy a fantastic selection of traditional bingo variants including 90-ball, 80-ball, 75-ball and 30-ball bingo. They are also responsible for the amazing Bingo Blast games where numbers are called out in a quick blast to produce one-line and two-line winners before continuing in a regular way until the Full House is completed.

With the Pragmatic Play network, there are even special rooms for slot players looking for free spins. Pragmatic Play hosts the Reels Rooms which chooses a specific slot and themes an entire room around it! In the past, there’s been a Big Bass Bonanza room and a John Hunter room. The prizes in the Reels Room are free spins which can be spent on that specific slot!

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Entain is another brand that you might have seen mentioned under another guise before. You may have heard the name GVC Holdings, which is the previous brand name but is often still used in the same breath as Entain.

Entain became a force to be reckoned with in the bingo community after its acquisition of the Cozy Games platform, and they then set about reducing the number of bingo sites on this network to make it a little more selective than it was. You can now access a few of the best bingo network sites here including Coral Bingo, Foxy Bingo and Gala Bingo.

There are many popular variations on offer including 90-ball, 80-ball, 50-ball and 30-ball bingo available. In addition, you can get your hands on some superb themed setups including Deal or No Deal and Coronation Street bingo.

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Eyes down, stay focused and don’t be distracted by the mediocre! Check out the best bingo sites for pure entertainment.

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New Bingo Sites

Old sites can start to feel a little dated. Keep things fresh and modern with these amazing new bingo sites.

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Comprehensive Guide to Bingo Software & Networks

Software vs Networks

To compare bingo sites by software, it helps to know exactly what the software does and how it differs from a bingo network.

For newcomers, it can be tricky to distinguish between the two as some networks share the same software such as Real Bingo Network and Globalcom sharing the same Dragonfish software, so the two terms get mixed up at times. And just to make things a little more complicated, some bingo networks also run their own software by the same name.

Bingo networks can be thought of as a pool of players shared across multiple bingo sites. If you play on a Pragmatic Play bingo site, for example, then players from other Pragmatic Play bingo sites will also be joining in the same games. This offers various advantages and benefits.

The main reason to use a bingo network is to increase the level of participation and the size of the prizes as well. After all, the more people that are pulling in the same direction, the better it can be for everybody.

Bingo software is the bingo platform itself and powers the main bingo lobby, bingo games, side games, chat features, even sometimes user accounts and payments.

As not all bingo software will have the same variety of games, if you are looking for a specific type of bingo, such as 30-ball bingo, then it might be best to choose a bingo site by software first.

As we mentioned before, some software providers are also responsible for producing the best-known networks as well. Playtech’s Virtue Fusion is its own bingo software showcasing branded bingo games such as Age of the Gods Bingo and Deal or No Deal Bingo, but Virtue Fusion also has a bingo network. It’s possible that a bingo site uses the Virtue Fusion software but not the network, although in reality this very rarely happens.

Therefore, choosing a bingo site by its software will usually determine which network it will be operating on. The main exception is with Dragonfish bingo sites where although they all use Dragonfish software, they could be sat on either one of two Dragonfish networks - Real Bingo Network or Globalcom.

An illustration demonstrating bingo networks and bingo software

Pros and cons of bingo networks

Even the best bingo network sites aren't without their faults. We have to concede that there are many reasons why players should choose a bingo network over a standalone product, but there are also things to consider to the contrary.


Bingo networks create a more complete bingo environment and an all-inclusive experience for players. By connecting several different brands together, players are able to benefit from a number of features that aren’t often possible with independent bingo sites…

Larger community

Naturally, the more customers that are joined together through the best bingo networks, the more sociable a brand will be. Having thousands of like-minded fans all enjoying the same action can have fantastic consequences in the chat rooms and also help to boost your balance a little as well.

Chatroom games are far more prevalent at a brand that has a huge following. If there is a large customer base, then bingo game providers will front a little cash in the form of mini-games where you can win further prizes.

Networked promotions

One key element that attracts players towards a bingo site is the range of promotions that are available. Networked bingo sites run frequent promotions that are shared across the whole network.

This usually results in bigger and better prizes that can include once-in-a-lifetime holidays, cash, and even cars.

Promotions can take the form of prize draws, competitions and tournaments. Some are free to enter, and others require a minimum deposit or spend on a certain game or selection of games.

Players can also benefit from loyalty rewards for simply playing their favourite bingo games in the form of loyalty points and prizes. These can include weekly spinners, free bingo games and more.

Bigger prizes

Independent bingo sites are rarely able to offer huge prizes like those that culminate across a bingo network. This is one of the main reasons that players choose bingo sites on a network rather than anything else.

Bingo Linx is one popular example of this in action. Players at various sites on the same network can purchase tickets to play in the same rooms where a common jackpot prize is shared. You could see some extraordinary sums of cash available thanks to combined contributions of the network community.

Multiple offers & bonuses

Welcome offers are a fantastic incentive for new players to sign up and create an account at a new bingo site. While networked sites will often have the same offers and bonuses available across the board, they can be so good that you want to get your hands on them more than once!

It’s perfectly fine to have an account at more than one bingo site, although opening too many might get you banned for suspicious behaviour, so don’t get too excessive!


There are a few downsides to playing at networked bingo sites that you should be aware of. Let's take a look at a few considerations that are worth mentioning.

More players means more competition!

The huge potential prizes that can amass across bingo networks are an obvious pull for many players. However, more players can sometimes lead to overcrowded rooms and so less chance of you hitting the full house. 

Remember, every player has exactly the same chance of winning as everyone else, so it’s pot luck who wins. The fewer players in a room, the greater your chances of winning - but the lower the prize pools will be too.

Familiar promotions

Sharing the same promotions across networked bingo sites can mean that many of the bingo sites start feeling very samey and there’s not much that separates one from the other. 

However, most players will stick to one bingo site, so it can pay to find one that has plenty of regular promotions going on to keep you entertained and engaged, regardless of what’s happening at other sites!

Same look & feel

As networked bingo sites usually all use the same bingo software, the bingo lobby and games can all look very similar too. This can actually be a good thing, because familiarity means we already know our way around and which games to play.

However, it can take away from the excitement of joining a new bingo site in the hope of experiencing something new.

Bingo sites running on proprietary software

tombola bingo

Tombola bingo logo

Considering tombola is an independent bingo site using its own proprietary software and pool of players, it’s done pretty well - tombola is officially Britain’s biggest bingo site! Who says you need a 3rd party software provider or network?! 

It keeps things slightly more modest than most and has a heavy emphasis on responsible gaming. You can play here for as little as 1p per ticket.

Signing up with tombola gives you access to regular 90-ball, 80-ball and 70-ball bingo in addition to the other variants that it provides. However, remaining completely independent does have some minor drawbacks and one of those is that you won’t find regular slots or other themed bingo games that are readily available with the 3rd party software providers.

It does, however, have its own unique and custom-built side games that are fun to play and appeal to the more casual player rather than the hard-core slot fanatic.


MrQ Bingo logo

MrQ had a slow start to life as a bingo site, but back in 2018 it decided to start from scratch with a whole new strategy. The team behind MrQ went at it alone and created their own software, which was a massively bold move but seems to be paying off.

While the game selection is smaller than you’ll find at other sites, you can still enjoy 75-ball and 90-ball bingo in 4 rooms known as Full Monty, Pinch a Penny, Cheap as Chips and On the House.

One of the great things we love about the MrQ brand is that it's independent and free from restrictions that some sites suffer from. For example, they don’t have any wagering requirements and there is a progressive jackpot constantly waiting to drop across all games.

Furthermore, its growing collection of online slots is getting better and better week by week.

Note that MrQ’s bingo games are only available between 12pm and 12am, so the morning players among you might want to keep that in mind!

Other Bingo Networks

15 Network/Jumpman Gaming

While you can access some decent bingo games here such as 80-ball, 90-ball and 75-ball, bingo fans might find the options a little too similar across these brands. Both networks are effectively the same product and the small selection of standalone games might not be diverse enough for some. 

15 Network and Jumpman Gaming both use Pragmatic Play software but 15 Network is targeted as a bingo site with slots, whilst Jumpman Gaming is branded as a slot site with bingo games. The networks are essentially the same but with different branding.

Players looking for a more complete experience with a wider range of bingo titles and promotions might want to try bet365 Bingo or PlayOJO Bingo, which use the same Pragmatic Play software but with more features and stronger networks behind them.


The Gamesys network only has a couple of brands under its belt - Jackpotjoy and Double Bubble Bingo - but again, the problem you might find here is the similarity between everything on offer. There's not much setting the bingo sites apart with carbon copy lobby layouts and various parts of each site feeling a little too familiar.

The Gamesys network does offer a huge selection of promotions for bingo, online slots and even table games which is easily the biggest selling point of this network. It also has some popular network games that have entertained many fans over the years. However, if you are wanting a bingo experience full of incredible promotions, thriving communities and a wide variety of games, we recommend Pragmatic Play bingo sites or Playtech bingo sites instead.

United Bingo

Operating on the Dragonfish software, the United Bingo network is responsible for providing networked games and jackpot prizes that are available throughout various bingo sites. The company is part of the Rank Group known for the massive bingo brand Mecca Bingo. However, it’s worth pointing out that Mecca Bingo does not use the United Bingo network.

Bingo sites on this network don't have much control over individual elements for their players, and we feel that customers can get a more enhanced experience and better value with other bingo networks such as Pragmatic Play, or Entain which offer bigger communities and more bingo games.

Differences between bingo software providers

Finding the best place to play is a little easier when you start comparing bingo sites by software as you can narrow down your options by focusing on the things you like most. But how do you decide which bingo software is right for you? What’s more, choosing a bingo site by its software generally also dictates what network you will ultimately end up playing on, so the two go hand in hand and should be considered together.


If you are looking for a bustling chat room with plenty of side games and loads of top prizes, then you should check out how many bingo sites use a particular type of software. Popular software will have loads of benefits, which can make your experience more sociable and potentially rewarding in a financial sense.

On the other hand, more players competing against each other means less of a chance of bagging the full house and potentially other prizes too. For that reason, many players prefer ‘quieter’ bingo sites where the rooms are less crowded.

Game variety

Some bingo enthusiasts are simply looking for one or two traditional types of games including 90-ball or 75-ball, for example. You can compare bingo sites by software and find that almost every site will offer most of what you want if this is the case.

For a more specific selection including variants on the traditional game plus loads of jackpot opportunities and themed alternatives, you should check out the entire game selection to make sure your specific requirements can be met.

Chat games & features

Bingo sites with a strong community don't just offer a great opportunity to chat with your fellow roomies. Chat rooms and community features can include chat games, quizzes and prizes that can potentially add to your balance too.

As well as fun trivia and quizzes, chat moderators may announce that players next to a winner in the chat room will also win a prize. Other alternatives include usernames that start with the same letter and prizes for anyone who’s birthday is called out.

Chat moderators can make or break the bingo experience, and are often provided by the software supplier. Some players may prefer Dragonfish’s CMs, whereas others will prefer Virtue Fusion’s.

Payment methods

Many players will overlook the available payment methods at a bingo site, which can be a mistake especially if you prefer paying by e-wallet. Most players use debit cards which are always supported, but not all bingo sites will accept PayPal, Skrill or paysafecard. 

Sites such as PlayOJO and Paddy Power Bingo support a much larger range of payments and might be a safer bet for you if your requirements are a little more niche.

Most software providers support debit cards and PayPal, but if you prefer using any other method then check the full review on our website before signing up to ensure your favourite payment option is supported.

Mobile optimised/compatibility

If you like to play bingo on the go, then mobile compatibility needs to be a key consideration. Most software will work across a range of different devices, but it might be worth trying a bingo site out on your mobile before depositing, in case it doesn’t support your device.

There is nothing wrong with trying out bingo sites that use different types of software behind the scenes to get a feel for how slick and convenient the mobile offering is. Signing up for an account at any one of the bingo sites you see featured on this page only takes a few minutes and you'll be able to take them all for a test drive.

News & Promotions

They say the bingo world never sleeps! There’s always a story to tell and some great promotions to tune into, so do yourself a favour and never miss out on another update again. We’ll keep you up to speed with everything that’s happening so you can stay one step ahead of the game.

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