Why No Wagering Bingo Is On Everyone's Lips

Paul Clare
Last updated on 14th Apr 2023 by Paul Clare

Most people can't resist a bargain, so if you include yourself in such a group, you can count yourself in good company, for Oscar Wilde once said: 'I can resist anything except temptation'. Now we're not certain whether he was remarking on his liking for the high street January sales, but a little dicky bird tells us that he definitely wasn't referring to more recent promotions such as Black Friday. Sales are becoming a more frequent sight than they used to be, and the scale of reductions in some shops can reach as high as 70%, particularly when a sales period is drawing to a close.

'We're In The Money...'

Now that's a lot of money off a given item, and would surely be enough to tempt even the most sales weary of shoppers to have a browse, as part of the thrill of the sales is you never know what you might find. Perhaps the ideal little black number will be hanging up in the perfect size, as if waiting for you to rightfully claim it. The element of surprise that the sales evokes is similar to the appeal of bingo really, as we never know which way our luck might turn on any given day, but we remain keen on rummaging around in our reserves of good luck. As much as the sales giveth and the sales taketh away though, so too can bingo follow suit.

We're not sure what dear old Oscar thought about bingo, but we do know he also came up with this beauty: 'I'm a man of simple tastes. I'm always satisfied with the best'. He'd likely have turned up good and early to any sales in his day, so as to improve his chances of securing the bounty of most appeal to such a man. Us bingo fans know that, while we might also have simple tastes, when it comes to online gaming, bingo is comfortably the best of the available options, and it offers a level of satisfaction when things are going right that is hard to match elsewhere. But just like a shop appealing to its customers with a sale, sometimes we need some help from bingo operators.

No Wagering In Bingo

Which is where no wagering requirements come in. Although no wagering bingo bonuses have been around for years, they're still a more rare offer than we'd like to see. Betfred Bingo, William Hill Bingo, Tombola and mFortune Bingo all once included such deals, but Betfred and Wililam Hill have since changed their original offers. However, Tau Gaming – whose sister bingo sites include Zinger, Dabber, Blighty, Kozmo, Yay and Sundae – entered the scene and shook it up by including wager free bonuses and free spins as part of their welcome offers on each platform. But not only that – you could expect to find no wagering throughout their retention offers, whether daily free spins or cashback bonuses.

All of which sounds ideal, as they're the kind of enticements that should excite all fans of online bingo. Given we're in the titillation business ourselves and in order to tempt you over to platforms which offer attractive deals, we've put together a couple of of invaluable resources for you, as we think you deserve every advantage you can get. The first of these is our Bingo Bonus Codes page, which is really worth taking the time to explore. It contains a list of providers who offer promotional codes, loyalty points, welcome offers and re-deposit bonuses, along with giving you detailed instructions about how you can claim them. We've put in the legwork so you can just get stuck in with reaping the benefits, and enjoying bingo to its fullest.

Our second resource is our No Wagering Bingo Sites page. You'll never guess what it contains, will you? Go on, have a guess. Cat memes? Recipes? No, just straightforward and no messing platforms without any wagering requirements whatsoever. This is what we're all about here at BestBingoWebsites – rounding up the latest deals and bonus offers and urging you to spend both your time and money on these platforms, as they're designed with you in mind. As are we, your friends at BestBingoWebsites, which is why we'll level with you. Some offers with no wagering free spins often have a maximum win amount of £1-5. Now that's still not bad, but it's something to make you aware of. Happily, there's no restriction on the no wagering bingo bonus.

A New Approach

Regulations passed last year which aimed at cleaning up some of the more objectionable operator practices led to an increase in transparency in how welcome offers and promotions are explained. Since their introduction, more bingo sites have begun introducing wager free welcome offers. We particularly recommend bgo, Heart, City and Fancy, but any you'll find on our pages are worth investigating. At the moment, Heart and Betfred are offering no wagering on any free spins winnings, while Heart have gone as far as having no wagering on their bingo bonus as well. If you feel you could benefit from an explanation about what wagering requirements are in the first place, then don't worry: we've got you covered.

So there you have it, bingo fans. There's never been a reason to use sites which attract wagering requirements, and there's never been a better time to explore all your available options throughout our website. Operators are becoming aware that increased competition, which is good for the consumer, may not be so good for them, so tempting bingo offers are becoming ever better and easier to find. We're happy to find them, as we know you're rightfully too happy to take advantage of them. We also know that, like in the sales, people like a cheeky BOGOF offer. Now AUNWBS doesn't roll off the tongue as easily, but it's something equally attractive and worth remembering – Always Use No Wagering Bingo Sites. That's the aim of our game.

Paul Clare
Last updated on 14th Apr 2023 by Paul Clare

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