Earn entries to the £4k New Year Giveaway with 888 Ladies

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Start the New Year off on a high, play the 888 Ladies £4,000 New Year Getaway game.

You could win a share of £4,000 worth of Holiday vouchers for in the big New Years day game!

Find out how

Where would a share of £4,000 take you?

So, where in the world will you go? Will you snowboard in the Swiss Alps, party in Prague, or meander around the Med?  Whether you prefer a rural retreat or a city hotspot, the world is your oyster!  And more good news my would-be globetrotters, not only can you pre-buy bingo cards for our New Year’s day game, you can also earn cards for free! Happy New Year & Happy Travelling!

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What does the £4k New Year Getaway prize include?

The game plays @ 9pm on Sun 01 Jan 2012 and the winner(s) will be the first player(s) to cover 1 line, 2 lines or a full house.  A worldly wise £4,000 worth of Holiday vouchers split as follows:

  • 1 Line = £750 Holiday Vouchers
  • 2 Lines = £1,250 Holiday Vouchers
  • Full House = £2,000 Holiday Vouchers


You can earn free tickets to the £4k New Years giveaway game, for every 500 Getaway points you accumulate until Mon 26 Dec!  500 Getaway points = 1 FREE ticket - You can earn getaway points:

  • Earn 250 points for telling 888 Ladies your new year resolution
  • Earn 100 points if you Email 888 Ladies & describe your dream holiday destination
  • Earn 10 points each time you call bingo on the airplane, cruise ship, or Happy New Year pattern
  • Earn 8 points for every £1 wagered on Bingo games
  • Earn 2 points for every £20 wagered on Instant Games


Look out for the very special weekends when you can win 1 FREE card into the game when you bingo on the Golden Ticket pattern! 888 Ladies will announce when it’s a special weekend on the site & in mailers so keep your eyes peeled!

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