Earn FREE Bingo Tickets into the £3k Adventure game

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Imagine someone has just given you £3,000 for nothing....  What would you do with it?

That's exactly the question you could be asking yourself if you win the "FREE" £3k adventure game from 888 Ladies.

Find out how you can earn FREE tickets into the big £3k Adventure game!

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The big game is playing on the 29th July at 9pm which might seem along way off but that will give you a lot time to earn FREE tickets!

You can earn CARDS for FREE right now.

How to win the £3k Adventure game?

It's easy, there are 2 ways to enter - You can pre-buy your £1 cards for the Free £3k Adventure game on the JACKPOTS tab now!  Or EARN a free card into the game for every 500 Adventure points you accumulate in your basket until Mon 23 July!  To earn FREE cards by playing the games you love - 888 ladies bingo & instant games!  500 Adventure points = 1 FREE card!

How can I earn Adventure Points?

Following the actions below and you will begin to earn adventure points.

  • 200 Points - Email 888 Ladies with you top UK attraction and why!
  • 10 Points - Bingo on the castle, elephant, or rollercoaster pattern
  • 8 Points - Every £1 wagered on Bingo games
  • 2 Points - Every £20 wagered on Instant Games

GOLDEN TICKET WEEKENDS! Look out for the special weekends when you can win 1 FREE card into the game when you bingo on the Golden Ticket pattern!

What does the Free £3k Adventure prize include?

The Prize pot for this game is split as follows:

  • Full House: £1,500
  • 2 Lines: £1,000
  • 1 Line: £500

After Party Inside Info!

The Free £3k Adventure room will stay open 1 extra hour after the main game plays for players to enjoy - Extra games of 5p to £1 Bingo, All your favourite chat games and Double chat points!

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