Halloween at 888 Ladies

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£3,000 in prizes at 888 LadiesWicked Games with up to £3,000 in jackpots

Fancy a share of £1,666 or how about a Full House prize of £1,000? 888 Ladies have got some great prizes this Halloween spread over various games but with the 2 main games playing on 30th and 31st October.

Dreadful Dauber's £1,313

First up is a great 75-Ball game with a huge Full House prize. One lucky winner will scoop the £1,000 Full House prize, unless there is more than one winner, in which case the prize will be shared. The 1TG winner bags £313. We love these prizes and even more so because tickets are only 13p. Tickets can be pre-bought up to a maximum of 96 per player.

  • Plays - Sunday 30th Oct - 9pm
  • Tickets - 13p (max 96)
  • Prizes - FH £1,000, 1TG £313

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Zombie Caller's £1,666

If 90-Ball Bingo is more your style due to there being more chances to win then you won't want to miss this game. The Full House of £900 is not to be scoffed at and with tickets still at a great low price this is a must-play game.

  • Plays - Monday Oct 31st - 9pm
  • Tickets - 16p (max 96)
  • Prizes - FH £900, 2L £400, 1L £200, 1TG £166

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Daily Spooks

If the other two games aren't enough, there are Daily Spooks games playing every day from 8-10pm. Tickets are just 3p and, as this is a wagering game, the more tickets purchased - the higher the prize pot. Each player can purchase a maximum of 96 tickets.

The prize pot will be divided between the winning tickets in the following way-

  • FH - 50%
  • 2L - 30%
  • 1L - 20%

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T&Cs Apply - please visit 888ladies.com for full details.

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Welcome Bonus at 888 LadiesDeposit £10 and play with £60! 888 Ladies will give you a great bonus split between bingo and slots so you can really see what they have to offer.

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As always, we wish you lots of luck. Don't forget to come and say Hello over on Facebook and let us know if you are a WINNER! xx


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