Perfect Hostess game - Win £4k worth of Ikea Vouchers

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Play the perfect hostess game and Win £4,000 of Ikea VouchersSo you want to be the queen of clean, a domestic goddess who keeps a spit-spot home & throws lavish soirees?  888 Ladies Bingo are giving away up to £4,000 worth of Ikea vouchers in their £4k Perfect Hostess game.  So for just £1, you can kitsch up the kitchen or dress up the dining room; from corner seats to cocktail pitchers, create the ideal living space & generate just the right ambience in which to entertain your 888lady friends!

What does the £4k Perfect Hostess prize include?

A total of £4,000 Ikea vouchers split as follows:

  • 1 Line: £750 Ikea vouchers
  • 2 Lines: £1,000 Ikea vouchers
  • Full House: £2,250 Ikea vouchers

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How to win?

  • Game plays @ 9pm on Sun 28 August 2011
  • The winner(s) will be the first player(s) to cover 1 line, 2 lines or a full house

How to enter the game?

Great news - You can pre-buy your £1 cards for the £4k Perfect Hostess game right now! Or EARN cards into the game for every 500 Hostess points you accumulate!

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For more details on how you can earn hostess points visit 888 ladies bingo today. You can also check the 888ladies members page to see how many Hostess points you have earned so far!