£155,000 of jackpots MUST be won at Bet365!

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This May, Bet365 have bingo jackpots that are sure to bring a tear of joy to your eye.  How does a minimum of £155,000 sound?

The action has already kicked off - from the 1st of May you best be prepared for some truly astonishing big money Bingo.

You just cannot afford to miss this!

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4 Great Big Jackpot Games

There are four sensational jackpots that simply MUST be won, all adding up to an amazing £155,000!  The games to look out for are:

  • Deal or No Deal (90 Ball)
  • Deal or No Deal (75 Ball)
  • A-List (80 Ball)
  • Escalator Jackpot (90 Ball)

There's absolutely loads of jackpots, with £30,000 up for grabs on 90 Ball Deal or No Deal Bingo, £20,000 on 75 Ball Deal or No Deal Bingo and a massive £45,000 A-List 80 Ball jackpot in the Fame and Fortune Hunter room.  Finally, there is a fantastic £60,000 90 Ball Escalator Jackpot in the Kiss & Tell, Guilty Pleasures and The Catwalk rooms which starts on 8th May.

Ball Count Increases by 1 everyday!

It's going to get easier to win the jackpot as every day passes because all of the ball counts needed to take down the jackpots increase by one every day at 5pm. These jackpots WILL be won, so play Bingo now for the chance to win some of the biggest jackpots around! Check out the £155,000 Escalator Jackpots Games below:

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