Bet365 £100,000 August Escalator Jackpot

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The £100,000 Escalator Jackpot "Must be Won" in August

Starting on August 6th - Bet365 will offer a brand new escalator jackpot worth a mouthwatering £100,000 which could be won in just 30 calls. 

To win, simply win a bingo game in the rooms listed below and if you manage to call within a certain number of calls then you'll scoop the big jackpot.  That number of calls will start at 30, but every night at 6pm it will increase by 1 until someone takes home the £100k prize. 

This jackpot is avaialble in the following game rooms:

  • Kiss & Tell,
  • Guilty Pleasures
  • The Catwalk rooms.

When the Escalator Jackpot last ran it dropped with a ball count of 36 and one lucky player won an amazing £116,378, so this really could go at any moment. The clock is ticking, one player WILL win a minimum of £100,000 very soon, so climb on the Escalator Jackpot now!

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