Bet365 20k Valentines Day Escalator Jackpot

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Will you hit the £20,000 Jackpot?

Bet365 Bingo are all set for an incredible night of bingo on Valentines Day!

You will be sure to feel the Bingo love with this promotion from the current sponsors of Emmerdale. 

The sensational pot could blow at any time during Valentines Day from 5pm in The Hot Shot Jackpot or Guilty Pleasures rooms.

Ball Count Starts at 31

The Escalator Jackpot is an extra special jackpot which can be won by someone who calls house in a certain number of calls.  On Valentines Day, Bet365 Players will have the chance to win £20,000 if they can call house first in 31 calls or under.

Don't Worry - It gets easier!  Every hour the ball count will increase by 2:

  • 5pm - 31 calls and under
  • 6pm - 33 calls and under
  • 7pm - 35 calls and under
  • 8pm - 37 calls and under
  • 9pm - 39 calls and under
  • 10pm - 41 calls and under
  • 11pm - 43 calls and under
  • Midnight - 45 calls and under

The £20k is shared!

The winner will take home a dazzling £10,000, while another lip-smacking £10,000 will be shared between all Bingoheads with at least one ticket for the winning game – there’s something for everyone to fall head over heels in love with, in our Valentine's Escalator Jackpot!

What are you waiting for? Climb the heavenly escalator and make sure you're on cloud nine this Valentine's Day!

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