Monday Magic Promotion at Bet365 Bingo

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Make sure you don’t miss a trick on Mondays, as every half an hour matters in the Bet365 Bingo Monday Magic promotion.

The prize pool will be rising to incredible proportions, with the total value of the night worth over £10,000.

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The first game kicks off at 7pm in the Island Hopper room with a £650 prize pot.  The amazing team at Bet365 will increase the game prize by £50 every half hour so by the time you play the final game at 11pm, the total is up to a whopping £1,000.

Don't miss the £4,000 Bingo Linx game

What’s more there is a Bingo Linx game at 10.30pm, which has an astonishing prize-pool of £4,000.  So buy your tickets now via the relevant Pre Buy Now link below to ensure that your Monday’s are magical.

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Magic Monday Bingo Games

  • 7.00pm - Play for £650
  • 7.30pm - Play for £700
  • 8.00pm - Play for £750
  • 8.30pm - Play for £800
  • 9.00pm - Play for £850
  • 9.30pm - Play for £900
  • 10.00pm - Play for £950
  • 10.30pm - Play the £4,000 Bingo Linx game
  • 11.00pm - Play for £1000

Look out for even more great Monday Bingo Games.