Unique Games Galore Promotion at Betfred Bingo

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How high with the Escalator go?

Rigth now Betfred customers are being treated to their "Games Galore" promotion that spans there entire range of products of Games, Casino, Poker, Mobile and ofcourse bingo!

So head right now to the Winners Lounge at Betfred Bingo and get ready to scream ‘House!’ with the daily £1,000 daily Escalator Jackpot!

Each night as part for the Games Galore promotion, Betfred Bingo will host bingo games with bigger prizes than ever between the hours of 7pm and 8pm.  These will take place over the next several weeks.

Ball Count and Prize Pot increases!

At 7:30pm, Betfred will increase the number of bingo calls required for a full house, starting at 33 ball counts which will earn the house winner £1,000 in cash!  If the escalator jackpot is not claimed within 33 counts, it will then continue to 34 balls.  In addition the the prize pot will also raise by an extra £1k, making up the winnings to £2,000 in cash!

This will continue until the house prize is won, so cross your fingers and get blotting – there is a grand cash total of up to £28,000 to give away over the promotional period!

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