Verne Troyer at bgo Bingo

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Verne Troyer is the Boss!

Don't mess with the Boss. International movie star, Verne Troyer is now the Boss at bgo Bingo

In his latest advert, the Boss again fails to stop someone winning at bgo casino. In his previous advert Verne tried to stop bgo players winning. Unsuccessfully. Granted, it wasn't actually bingo players which featured in this ad but bgo bingo have a great online bingo offering.

This time he's up against Dan Bilzerian and again fails. It doesn't stop him yelling his now trademark challenge: "I'm the boss at, come and beat me!"

Mini me

Verne Troyer as Mini Me

Verne Troyer has become a household name in Britain thanks to his role as Mini Me in the Austin Powers films but also his TV appearances here in UK.

He has been comedy gold in Celebrity Juice alongside Keith Lemon and team captains Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton. 

And who could forget his appearance in Celebrity Big Brother in 2009? He finished 4th with Ulrika Johnson winning. He provided some very funny moments. Driving his scooter into the diary room door whilst drunk sticks in my mind, as does his performance of Endless Love with Ulrika Johnson.

Watch the bgo advert

Now Verne is The Boss at The new advert stars Verne Troyer and Dan Bilzerian. Dan is most famous for his poker playing and film acting/ stunts. However, he is also a twitter legend, although some of his twitter feed is a bit, well as twitter themselves would say "sensitive content".

Take a look at the advert.

If you want to try and Beat the Boss, head on over to bgo now. They have a massive 500% first deposit bonus!


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