Bingo Offers Today - Sun 22nd May

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Good Afternoon Bingo Fans.

Today is the end of the football season. The day many women will get their husbands back. I wonder how long it will take you to get bored of your man. Lol. This weekend has been great for Bingo, the million pound bingo game from Posh, the £50,000 Friday Jackpot from 888 Ladies, let's see what is happening todaywith the best bingo sites.

500% Sign Up Bonus from Bet365 Bingo!

Join Bet365 Bingo today and you will get a 500% welcome bonus. Simply deposit £5 and Bet365 will give you an amazing £25 bonus - £30 in total to spend on playing Bingo and hopefully winning real money. Give it a go and get ready for the £250k game on the 29th May!

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More great offers today...

  • Penny Bingo Today - You could turn your pennies into pounds EVERY day with tickets costing just 1p on plenty of Bet365 Bingo games!!
  • 6pm - Virgin Bingo's "Big Pub Quiz" is on from 6-8pm. And who knows? If you're the smartest in the room, you could be walking away with £100!
  • 7.30pm - Play and win the "Posh Ton £100" game and look out for the special 1tg prize at Posh Bingo.
  • 10pm - It's a massive £10,000 jackpot from 888 Ladies Bingo at 10pm - not to be missed!
  • 10.30 - At 10.30pm, head over to William Hill Bingo and play for a £4,000 Bingo Linx Jackpot.

Good luck as always folks!