Bingo Offers Today - Wed 3rd Jul

Good Morning Bingo Fans,

You can tell we have been having wonderful weather when people are having BBQ's in the evenings after work.  The smell of a burnt sausage is one to behold.  All you need is a something to capture these special moments with - perhaps you might be lucky enought to win a fantastic digital camera in August Competition --> Enter here.

Today's Top Offer - Daily Nifty Fifty!

You might be right in thinking that Paddy Power Bingo are a little mad.  They are only going to go and reward the winners of a Full House, 1 line and 2 line the same amount of big bucks in the Gold Room every Wednesday from 7-11pm!  So it doesn't matter which one you win, you'll all be awarded a minimum of £150!  And the prizes just keeping rising through this 4 hours of Bingo Fun.  Take a look!

Midweek Madness prizes:

  • 7pm: £150 each, that's £450 in total
  • 8pm: £200 each, that's £600 in total
  • 9pm: £213 each, that's £640 in total
  • 10pm: £225 each, that's £680 in total
  • 11pm: £233 each, that's £700 in total

That's over £3,000 guaranteed!

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More great offers today...

  • Midday - 1 full hour of Free Bingo at Ruby Bingo to help you through lunch. £30 prizes guaranteed!
  • 6pm - Head to William Hill Bingo at 6 for a fantastic £2,500 jackpot game in the main and community room.
  • 7pm - Winners of the 1 line, 2 lines and Full houses win the same prizes between 7-11pm at Paddy Power Bingo.
  • 8pm - Play at Butlers Bingo and enjoy the Daily Triple £500 game - guaranteed jackpots up to £500 and buy 6 tickets, you get 5 FREE.
  • 10pm - Spoil yourself silly with your share of the £888 Guaranteed Jackpot at 888 ladies bingo, with cards costing as little as 25p each. There are 5 chances to win!

Good luck as always folks!