£10k Bingo for Gold at Bingo Street

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Earn FREE bingo tickets and your place to Bin-go for Gold!

With the Olympics just around the corner, BingoStreet have an amazing £10,000 bingo game coming your way and best of all you can earn FREE Bingo tickets to play it!

The big "£10k Bin-go for Gold" game plays on 12th August and will see £10,000 share between the full house, 2 lines, 1 line and even 1TG/2TG players.  See the full prize list below.

The Prize List


  • Gold = Full House: £4,000!
  • Silver = 2 Lines: £3,000!
  • Bronze = 1 Line: £2,000!
  • 1TG cards win a share of £600!
  • 2TG cards win a share of £400!

How do I Qualify?

To get a FREE ticket into the big game you need to earn points.  500 Olympic Points = 1 FREE TICKET!

Let are losts of ways to earn tickets and BingoStreet has a full page dedicated to it.

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