Brand New Bingocams Chat games!

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Chat games are extra games which can be played in addition to the normal bingo game.  The great thing about the chat games is that everybody who has purchased cards using their balance meter can join in, adding to fun of playing at Bingocams.

When a chat game is activated, the aim is to predict which ball or balls are drawn first.  When your prediction is correct, you can claim your prize by typing the special code in chat. The prize will appear automatically on your bonus meter.  The time and room in which games are played can vary, further adding to the excitement.

Other players don't see which ball(s) you have chosen.  Therefore, they can't see when your winning ball has been drawn until you claim your prize!  Has your ball (combination) been drawn?  Be sure you are the first player to claim the prize, because every chat game has only one winning ball combination!  Play chat games with BingoCams now!

Here we have described one of great chat games  but head to BingoCams to find out more.  Please note that terms and conditions apply.

Run for the Money at Bingo CamsWhen this exciting chat game is activated you can qualify to play through buying tickets from your balance meter.  Pick any bingo ball of your choice from 1 to 90 (for example 83). Make sure to confirm your selection by typing the ball number with two asterisks before and after (for example, **83**). Be quick because each ball can only be chosen by 1 player. If your ball number has already been selected then you have to pick another ball before the end of the card sale period.

Once the game is underway, it's a case of watching the balls drawn very carefully. Once your picked ball has been called, you can claim the prize by being the first to type **money**! Your prize will be added to your bonus meter immediately.

Our chat room rules dictate that the person who claims their prize first is deemed the winner, regardless of the order of the balls in the bingo game.

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