Tuesday Tunesday at BingoCams!

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Tuesday Tunes day - guess the artist to win!

BingoCams have another very unique game for their Bingo Players.  Are you great at pop quizzes? Then why not come and have a go at testing your music knowledge and guess the artist! After a great BingoCams Sing2Win event BingoCams continue with the musical theme by offering not one, but 3 music quizzes every Tuesday! Head to BingoCams now >>

How does it work?

During the hour the chat host will play intros to songs from any decade and the first player to guess the solo artist or band will win a bingo bonus!  The game is played in all three hosted rooms throughout the day so there are plently of chances to play:

  • 1-2pm in the BingBling Room - 50p bonus win per song (max £2)
  • 6-7pm in the Bugglegum Room - £1 bonus win per song (max £4)
  • 9-10pm in the Millionaire Room - £2 bonus win per song (max £8)

BingoCams like to be fair and give everyone a chance to there is a maximum win of 4 songs per player per hour.  No point the same person winning them all.

Once you know the answer type the artist or band in the chat.  The first to be seen on the chat hosts monitor will be the winner!  Good Luck

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Please note: Sometimes you may see your message higher than others on your monitor – winners will be based on what chat hosts can see on their monitor.