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Kitty is in Hong Kong this month and he has some great games and prizes

Chat Tourney at City BingoChinese Takeaway Tourney

In this great Chat Tourney you can win Diamonds and City Points galore. 

Every weekday this month, join Kitty in Hong Kong and the Chat Host will add you to a group with other roomies. You will be given a number which you must remember because if the CH calls it you must shout "Takeaway" and your number to win 500 City Points.

Then, give the CH a number between 1 and 90 and the CH will reveal the name of a popular takeaway dish beneath that number. Each takeaway dish revealed earns points. These points are then totalled at the end of the tourney and the roomies with the most points will win 2,500 Diamonds each!

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Points for Takeaway Dishes

Dish Points
Chow Mein 5
Spring Roll 4
Crispy Duck 2
Wontons 1
Noodles 0

Want to know when to play?

Simply turn up to any of the rooms below and make sure you stick with it for 30 minutes. Diamonds are awarded to your account at the end of the Tourney.

Room Schedule

Day Time Room
Monday 12 - 1pm Fortune Park
Tuesday 5 - 6pm Windfall Lane
Wednesday 9 - 10pm Millionaire Square
Thursday 10 - 11am Fortune Park
Friday 8 -9pm Big Bucks Fountain

City Souvenirs

Buddha candle Holsder PrizeKitty has some Chinese Delights for you this month. These fun 75-Ball games play at 10pm on Wednesdays. Tickets are as cheap as your favourite chinese takeaway chips and the prizes stick with the theme pretty impressively.

We like the Buddha Candle Holder but we honestly would rather have the outdoor wok set. Not something we ever thought we might need but now we've seen it we love it! Who wouldn't want one of these for Al Fresco dining? What a way to impress your friends!


Outdoor Wok Set


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All-in-all a great Bingo Site.

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