What’s Bingo Like in Your City?

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To celebrate the addition of City Bingo on Best Bingo Websites we wondered how big is the bingo trend in the city where you live?  Some cities are better than others with a large crowd gathering at their local hall, where as other players have to rely on a good round of online bingo at their favourite bingo site.

A recent poll has found that the top five cities in the UK to play bingo is

  • London,
  • Edinburgh,
  • Manchester,
  • Brighton
  • and the town of Ilkeston in Nottingham made a random appearance??

We would have been disappointed if London hadn’t appeared in this poll, being the capital of England it is on the top of the list for many activities, bingo being no different.  There are hundreds of bingo halls to choose from all across the city but a game or two at the London Palace hall right at the top of the Elephant and Castle shopping centre is not to be missed. It seats over 2,000 people and is the same size as Wembley Stadiums football pitches, that’s a lot of bingo space!

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland is also big on the bingo scene, one of the most famous buildings to play your favourite game is a beautiful little bingo hall hiding on Nicholson Street, it is so small and cute that if you don’t watch out you could overlook it and miss out on a night of gaming fun. Manchester and Brighton have an equal amount of bingo halls that you can choose from, not only do these cities host a range of Gala and Mecca bingo halls but independent retailers too. The Beacon in Brighton is worth a look, it is an independent hall that has survived the credit crunch and is now one of the most successful in the country.

The small town of Ilkeston, near Nottingham may not be on the best tourist maps of the UK but it is famous for bingo so is definitely worth a look. The architecture of the Ritz Cinema and Bingo hall that opened in 1938 is not to be missed, designed by Reginald Cooper the building is a grade 2 listed building and is one of the most privately run art deco constructions in the country. So check out your local bingo halls and add them to the list.