Will you get a visit from The Love Cat?

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Win City Points and Romantic Goodies!

CityCat has been roaming the streets of Paris – and while strolling along the Champs Elysee he has bumped into the Love Cat!

This amorous chap has stunned CityCat with his advice on all things romantic – look out for "The Love Cat" as he’s coming to the bingo rooms to spread the love and dish out some goodies!

The Love Cat will be appearing in the City bingo rooms from Monday 11th February until Thursday 14th February and all roomies who join in his love-themed trivia games will have the chance to win thousands of City Points and loads of romantic goodies!

What Might You Win?

The Love Cat will be asking trivia questions relating to City Bingo and all things romantic.

Just answer his easy questions for the chance to win thousands of City Points and loads of extra special prizes such as:

  • Romantic DVD’s,
  • Champagne,
  • Roses
  • and much more!

Join in all the fun at City in the run up to Valentine’s Day - and watch out for the Love Cat as he dishes out the smooches in the bingo rooms!

Watch out for those Smooches as he enters the room!

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