Foxy Bingo £31k Halloween Jackpot Game

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How's about Bat then... a £31,000 Halloween Jackpot!

This year, make Halloween extra special with the chance to play and winning a huge £31k jackpot.

The big prize money game will take place on the 31st of October at 9.30pm.

Foxy Halloween Prizes

  • Full House - £20,000
  • 2 Lines - £7,000
  • 1 line - £3,000
  • 1TG Winners - £1,000

That's right, even all the players with 1TG when the full house is called will get a share of the spoils.  A cool £1,000 will be shared between you all!

Buy Tickets now for £1.50 each and remember £31k on the 31st.

Buy Tickets Now

Keep your eyes peeled for other Halloween bingo games and promotions...  


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