Win the Big £15,000 Foxy Bingo Jackpot

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It's a great month to be a Foxy Bingo player.  This January you can start the month off with the January sale and wina  share of £5,000 everyday and then look out for the big end of month Jackpot!

It's Foxy Bingo's biggest game of the year so far!  The big giveaway is for a massive £15,000 and it could be yours on the 31st January!  What a way to start the year eh?!

Here's a breakdown of the cash up for grabs...

  • One line - £1,000.
  • Two lines - £4,000.
  • And for a full house you'll win £10,000!

Cards for this game only cost £1, so buy yours now!

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