Gala Bingo’s Post Christmas 12 day giveaway!

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Gala Bingo knows just how to please bingo fans as with Christmas over there’s often a bit of doom and gloom in the bingo rooms. So you’ve had to go back to work and the only thing left of Christmas is your tree?

Well don’t worry the ‘12 days of jackpots’ giveaway will definitely put a spring back in your step! This bingo promotion is simple but effective- there is a guaranteed jackpot of £5,000 every day. So if Santa didn’t bring you the present you wanted under the tree this year then a win on this promo at Gala Bingo will mean you can go out and buy it yourself!

The promotion period begun on Boxing Day (Monday 26th December) but as the ‘12 Days of Jackpots’ name suggest you still have till Friday 6th January for a chance to win a bingo jackpot!

When to play?

You need to get online at 5pm as this is when the bingo games play throughout the promo. Full house winners will be those lucky few that walk away from these games £5K richer but 1 line and 2 line winners will also get a cheeky cash boost with £50 and £100 going to them too.

A bit strapped for cash after Christmas?

The bingo tickets for this game are a bargain- they will only cost you 40p! Where to go? Join any of the Gala Bingo clubs to play.

You need to be signed up to Gala Bingo to be eligible for this promotion but new players have the perfect opportunity to also benefit from the generous welcome bonus by joining! You can get up to £60 free with the 200% first deposit bonus - that’s lots of free bingo games as well as the chance to win £5,000!

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