Gala Bingo Windicates

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Win Together Gala Bingo Windicates

Everyone's a winner with Windicates, a Gala Bingo feature which allows you to invite 5 Gala Bingo buddies to join your winning circle!    

When you take part in a Windicates game a percentage of the stakes will contribute to the prize and if a prize is won, 50% of that goes to the lucky winner with the remaining 50% going to your Windicate team.

Create a Winning Circle

A Windicate circle can be created in play - just go to the Windicates Tab within the game.   Create you team now and make everyone a winner!

To get in on a win with Windicates, get yourself along to the CITY, ROYAL and DREAMS clubs – win goes around comes around!

Create Your Winning Circle Today

If you need help on how to setup Gala Windicates read our FaQ's