How to use Gala Windicates

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Gala Windicates is a great way of sharing a win with your Bingo buddies, but if you have reached this page you may be struggling to set it up, so let us help!

With a Gala Windicate game you have the normal 1 Line, 2 Lines and Full House prizes but there is also a "Windicates prize" which will be shared between the Full House winner and their Windicates group.

How do I add Windicates?

Assuming the bingo player you wish to add is in the room you are playing, then the most simple way of adding Windicates is to look at the list of roomies.  The list of roomies can be located next to the chat box.  Simply use the scroll bar to navigate up and down the list until you find the person you want to join and then click the Windicate icon next to their name.  This will send an invitation to that player and if they accept it then they will appear in your windicates group.

How many Windicates can I have?

You can only have 6 members within your Windicates group (one of them is you).  Once you have a full Windicate group the green Windicate logo will disappear from the rommies list.  It will appear again if you remove a Windicate or they decide to leave your group.  You can also only join 5 other Windicate groups - so make sure you pick lucky people!  

To manage your Windicate lists simply click on the "Windicates" tab above the chat room.  In here you can see a list of the gala bingo players in your group and the groups you are in.  To remove your members or be removed from someone else's list then simply click on the purple x.

When do Windicate games play?

Games are played at various times during the day.  Look out for the little green "W" and other Windicate advertising including the "Next Game is a Windicate game" and the banner below before a game begins. 

How much do the we win playing Windicate games?

Once a game begins, Gala will tell you what prize each Windicate will recieve next to the 1 line, 2 lines and full house prizes.