Juicy Jackpot at Gala Bingo - Every player will win cash!

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This week Gala Bingo players are playing for entry into the "Everyone's a Winner" game on Friday where the 2nd Juicy Jackpot of £10,000 will be shared by anyone that plays!

To enter the game you must qualify by winning free strips throughout the week (Between 2nd and 5th July)

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Grab a Juicy Jackpot!

The big game plays in the "City Club" on Friday the 6th July at 7pm and £10,000 in cash prizes will be shared by every player...

  • Full House - £2,500
  • 2 Lines - £1,000
  • 1 Line - £500
  • 1TG Players - £1,000 shared
  • 2TG Players - £1,000 shared
  • Everyone else - £4,000 shared

See there really is something for everyone, you've got to be in it to win it!

How can I qualify for the Juicy Jackpot?

To qualify you need to earn free bingo strips - 2 free strips can be earned each day by completing the following tasks:

  • Spend £5 on Bingo on any day and get 1 strip of 6 tickets.
  • Spend £5 on mini games on any day and get 1 strip of 6 tickets

If you manage to collect all 8 strips throughout the weeks qualifying period, Gala will give you 2 strips absolutely FREE!  So you will have 10 free strips and more chance to win!

Free tickets can be picked up between the 2nd and 5th July to qualify for the big game on the 6th!

Qualify Now