Paypal to Arrive at Gala Bingo

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Paypal continued its roll out across online bingo sites as Gala Bingo announced it will begin accepting payments through the service this month.

Use of the service is great news for Gala as Paypal provides an easier and quicker way for customers to upload funds, whilst also proving safer.

While Gala Bingo is a well-known and respected name in the bingo industry, credit card fraud is still a worry for many online.  Paypal provides a service which can transfer funds directly from a bank account but keeps the details of the bank account confidential.  Credit card details however can be stolen, and even with a reputable company like Gala Bingo, some may be nervous about being duped into handing over their details by a company pretending to be Gala.

Paypal began as a merger between Confinity and back in 2000.  It’s acquisition by eBay and its use on that site helped it rise to prominence as one of the easiest and most secure ways to transfer money online.  Once Paypal is set up, it only requires a username and password to authorise the transfer of funds on any website which offers it as a means of payment.  With an easier and faster method to get funds uploaded, Gala Bingo customers will be able to get to instant games and bingo prizes with minimal fuss.

Paying by Paypal on an online bingo site is now becoming fairly common as there are now many Paypal bingo sites, and more than 230 million Paypal users worldwide.  However one major exception is Foxy Bingo which has yet to start accepting the payment method.  However with the level of adoption rate of its rivals and its customers, it appears a matter of time before Paypal will be available on every reputable online bingo site.

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