Share a High 5 with your Bingo Buddies as the new look Gala

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High 5 your way to a fortune and share it with your bingo buddies! – EVERYONE'S A WINNER!  

The new look Gala Bingo comes packed with new and exciting community style games - you must take a look! 

Bingo, I'm sure you will agree is an experience which is better when you share it with friends...  does the same go for a bingo fortune?  Well Gala Bingo think so and when "High 5" promotional games play you'll have the chance to split a massive jackpot between club members if it is won! 

Numbers ending in 5

To win the massive jackpot someone within a High 5 game needs to call house on any number ending in 5 (15, 25, 35 etc.).  If it's you you'll win 50% of the advertised jackpot and the other 50% will be split amongst those who are playing within the same club as you! 

Likewise if you happen to be playing in a club and one of your fellow bingo players wins a high 5 game on a number ending in 5 then you'll scoop your share of 50% between club members!

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