The Gala Bingo £20,000 Euro Jackpots

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Last night saw another record Euro Millions Lottery win for Britain with someone scooping £63million...  I can't promise you £63m but Gala Bingo can offer a massive Euro Jackpot of their own!

This is the £20,000 giveaway where everyone is a winner! - You will need to qualify for the Euro Jackpot games - so start collecting strips of tickets now!

Qualify Now

Gala are giving away £20,000 over 2 weeks!

In total there will be £20,000 in guaranteed prizes and everyone that plays this promotion will win something...  YES, Everyone's a winner in the main games that play on:

  • Friday 15th - £10,000 prize pool
  • Friday 22nd - £10,000 prize pool....

See the image to the right how the prizes will be split.  Note that £4,000 will be shared between all other finalists!!

How can I qualify for the Euro Jackpots?

To qualify you need to earn free bingo strips - 2 free strips can be earned each day by completing the following tasks:

  • Spend £5 on Bingo on any day and get 1 strip of 6 tickets.
  • Spend £5 on mini games on any day and get 1 strip of 6 tickets

If you manage to collect all 8 strips throughout the weeks qualifying period, Gala will give you 2 strips absolutely FREE!  So you will have 10 free strips and more chance to win!

Between the 1th and 14th June, you will be aiming to qualify for the 1st Euro Jackpot game on Friday 15th June.  Between the 18th and 21st June you will be aiming to qualify for the 2nd Euro Jackpot game on Friday 22nd June.

Qualify Now