BOGOF if you need it explaining is - Buy One Get One Free!

So automatically when you buy just one ticket, you have more chances to win because you have another one absolutely FREE.  You'll be pleased to know that almost all of the best bingo sites offer BOGOF bingo games, some as standard and some as part of a promotion.  Ticket prices will always vary for BOGOF games but the premise is the same - you get free tickets.

BOGOF Alternatives

There are no limits to the number of free tickets that a site might offer but the reward remains the same - buy tickets and get free tickets:

  • BOG2F - Buy One Get 2 Free,
  • BOG3F - Buy One Get 3 Free,
  • BOG4F - Buy One Get 4 Free,
  • BOG5F - Buy One Get 5 Free,

And so on...  some bingo sites might expect you to buy a certain number of tickets before you can earn or qualify FREE tickets - for example:  Buy 6 get 6 Free.

BOGOF Bingo strategy...

BOGOF bingo can be used by players in a variety of ways that can help make your money last longer or simply increase your chances of winning a prize by having more tickets to play with.