Please Play Online Bingo Responsibly

We all love online bingo, but like almost everything else in life, too much of a good thing can become a problem. The gambling industry is considered by many to be ‘recession proof’, which considering the financial health of the country in general, means many are spending more than they can afford.

Gambling is recognised as addictive, however unlike drugs or smoking there is comparatively little done to warn of its dangers. Recent figures have indicated that as many as 60,000 12-15 year olds are regularly gambling in Britain. While these teenagers will be warned of the dangers of drugs, alcohol and unsafe sex, very few will receive information or advice about the dangers of gambling.

With unemployment affecting 2.7 million Britons, it is unsurprising that many view gambling as a way to earn money and ease dire situations. However it is statistically guaranteed that the result of gambling will be a worse financial position for the vast majority of people. With the ease of taking a payday loan and the desperation to make things better this can often spiral out of control. It leads to other crimes and darker situations more normally associated with drug addictions.

Gambling is recognised as an addiction, and unless someone is tracking your finances it is something that can be easy to cover up. That puts the onus on anyone with an addiction to seek help. There are many bodies to help, will provide you with information to help you avoid the pitfalls of an addiction. If gambling has already become a problem, then and the RCA Trust have helplines to support you.

Please play online bingo responsibly and only spend what you have. Remember there are plenty of online bingo sites where you can play for free that are listed under the free bingo tab.

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