Paddy McGuinness New Face of Jackpotjoy?

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We've been used to seeing Barbara Windsor as the Queen of Bingo at Jackpotjoy for so long now!

She's been the face of Jackpotjoy since September 2010 but is that all set to change as Paddy McGuinness appears to have packed her off onto a cruise in the latest TV ad?

Paddy McGuiness Welcomes you to Jackpotjoy

In an advert that first aired almost 7 years to the date of Barbara Windsor's first Jackpotjoy appearance Paddy McGuinness tries to prove to the Queen of Bingo that he has what it takes to be Bingo Royalty. 

On 14th September we saw Paddy McGuinness proudly show off his Royal Corgi (a whippet in disguise), his Royal Band (relegated to live under the stairs; much like Harry Potter) plus his first bit of official Royal merchandise - a mug! The Queen of Bingo seems reluctant to let Paddy take her throne but then he produces a ticket to a cruise which he's booked for her, which she grabs from him! Who can blame her?

If you haven't already seen it, check out the advert for yourself here:

Jackpotjoy said of the move: “Having Paddy on board as our new brand ambassador is fantastic. Jackpotjoy is a fun and entertaining brand, and Paddy has an engaging personality that sits well with our audience.

“Barbara has been a great ambassador for Jackpotjoy as the ‘Queen of Bingo’, and as you can see in the advert it’s an emotional moment for Paddy to take over from a legend like her.
“It’s now time for his majesty to take his seat on the throne, so we’re looking forward to enjoying his successful reign.”

Paddy McGuinness also commented, saying: “Bingo is in my blood.  My mum used to work in the local bingo halls around Bolton and it’s a game that this country loves. As you’ll see in the advert, it was an emotional moment for me to receive the final endorsement from the legendary Barbra Windsor.”

We absolutelty love how down to earth he is plus we've noticed him looking quite buff in recent years!

Catch Phrase

Of course, you can't be the face of a bingo brand and not have a line for your fans. Paddy doesn't disappoint either! 

"Come and Jackpotjoy-n us and grab fun by the balls!", he declares. And we will!

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Paddy McGuiness 

Paddy is well known for his work with his friend, Peter Kay, including Phoenix Nights and spin-off Max and Paddy. We all love him in his role as presenter of dating show, Take Me Out where you can hear him cry - "No likey, no lighty!". None us could forget his series with Keith Lemon; The Keith and Paddy Picture Show, where he played Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing in one episode that had us all crying tears of mirth.

On top of all that though, he's an all-round good fella, married 6 years to wife Christine with 3 kids. 

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