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Click Here to Join Now!Congratulation to Simon Cowell for the his latest success "Red or Black".  The show which is hosted by Ant and Dec runs for seven nights over eight days and every night it offers another lucky player the chance to become a millionaire.

The concept is simple: throughout the night an initial crowd of thousands will enjoy a series of daredevil feats, guessing on a red or black outcome.  Only those who get the answer right will proceed to the next round.  By the end of the show, just one contestant will remain. They will then be asked a final question: Red or Black, and face the spin of a wheel. If they’re right they win a million pounds, but if they’re wrong they walk away with nothing.

And if you’re looking for the excitement of playing Red or Black from the comforts of your living room, then make sure you visit Jackpotjoy which is the exclusive home to Red or Black games online.

Play Red or Black Slots

If you want a big win, you could enjoy the Red or Black Slot that offers a huge progressive jackpot that someone will win at some point – and it could be you!  Simply open our Red or Black fortune cookies to unveil cash prizes from inside and you could land the big progressive.

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Play Red or Black Instant Wins

If you’re looking for the chance of a quick win then play Jackpotjoy’s Instant Win Red or Black game where, like in the show itself, you’ll face the spin of a wheel to win big. The genius here is that you get to choose how many sections of the wheel you light up which means you can choose your own odds. Choose fewer sections for better odds or light up more for a better chance of winning.

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Play Red or Black Hi Lo Game

If Casino is more your thing then check out our Red or Black Hi Lo game that lets you choose which card you’ll turn and if you can guess whether the next card will be higher or lower, or Red or Black, then you’ll win. You could even combine your guesses for better odds.

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Play Red or Black All or Nothing game

And if you like a game with more balls then Stacks is for you. Simply guess whether our columns will end up red or black and you’ll win. You can choose to bet on up to ten columns or pick an All Or Nothing bet which offers better odds and the chance to win the game’s top prize.

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Remember, you’ll only find Red or Black games at Jackpotjoy and its partner sites so if you’re loving the show then make sure you head on over to Jackpotjoy now and you could win big by answering a simple question: Red or Black?

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