Bored with Football a Ladbrokes Bingo Player scoops £1.3million

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£1.3million - it sounds like the amount of money you should win on the lottery not playing bingo, surely it can not be true...?

You better believe it is, and I wouldn't be surprised if this story ever became a Hollywood movie... 

Think back, what were you doing on Thursday 14th June while Italy played Croatia and Spain thumped Ireland 4-0?  It's a day that Lisa Potter, a mum of three will never forget.

Lisa who plays online bingo every now and then was so fed up with Partner Terry, like I'm sure that most of us were with our fella's watching football that she turned to Ladbrokes Bingo.

Big win from only £5 

Lady (or Laddie) luck was certainly on Lisa’s side while she was playing, as she deposited just £5 and then hit the jackpot and walked away with more than £1.3 million.

Lisa’s exact winnings as you can see from the picture is £1,364,745.23 is the third highest jackpot in the history of Ladbrokes Bingo. 

Could you be next?

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