Exclusive Invite to Play FREE Bingo with Ladbrokes

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How many hours of FREE Bingo did you earn at Ladbrokes...

Each month you are entitled to a number of special offers from Ladbrokes including FREE Bingo based on your Loyalty status.

On the 10th June, you will be offered upto 3 hours of FREE Bingo based on this status!

How many FREE hours have you earned?

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Ladbrokes Loyalty Status

The loyalty status is directly linked to how much you play and spend with Laadbrokes...  the more you spend, the higher you will rise.

Each time you play online bingo with Ladbrokes you are earning special loyalty points called "Laddie's Rewards" which contribute to a status you hold.

Here are the reward statuses:

  • N - Newbie
  • R - Rookie
  • H - Hotshot
  • M - Master
  • P - Pro

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