Ladbrokes BOGOF Bingo Schedule

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buy one get one free bingoLadbrokes Bingo players are lucky that such a great site looks after is players so well.

As a Ladbrokes player you will get to enjoy great value Bingo games every single day of the week - games like Super Free Bingo, Penny Bingo and the popular BOGOF Bingo!

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BOGOF (or B1G1F as it's called at Ladbrokes) as I'm sure you know saying BOGOF isn't a rude gesture, it actually stands for "Buy One Get One Free!".  Whenever you spot a BOGOF game you'll be rewarded with a free bingo ticket for every one you buy, thus increasing your chances of winning.

With Ladbrokes you should also look out for B1G2F, that stands for Buy One Get Two Free, so this is even better because for every bingo ticket you buy you will get 2 more for FREE - you can't get much better than that!

BOGOF bingo plays every single day at Ladbrokes, see below the full schedule of BOGOF games:

B1G1F Schedule

  • Monday in the "Snug" at 3-4pm
  • Wednesday in the "Snug" at 9-10pm
  • Thursday in the "Living Room" at 5-6pm
  • Friday in the "Living Room" at 5-6pm
  • Saturday in the "Living Room" at 5-6pm
  • Saturday in the "Snug" at 9-10pm
  • Sunday in the "Snug" at 5-6pm

B1G2F Schedule

  • Monday in the "Living Room" at 5-6pm
  • Tuesday in the "Living Room" at 5-6pm
  • Wednesday in the "Living Room" at 5-6pm

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* Correct as of 28/5/2012