Emoji Escalator £10k Jackpots

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Emoji Escalator at Mecca BingoIt's an emojional rollercoaster

At Mecca Bingo you can climb to a guaranteed £10,000 or more every weekend in July with their Double Bubble escalator jackpot in the Mecca exclusive Emoji Bingo Room.

5 Weekends

With 5 weekends in July, that means there is at least £50,000 to be won this month in the Emoji Bingo Room.

It is a community pot which we absolutely love because the pot is split 50% to the Full House winner and the other 50% is shared between everyone who was playing tickets in that winning game. How is it shared I hear you ask....well, absolutely fairly, it all depends on how much you staked.

It all starts on Friday where the jackpot starts at an amazing £10,000. So, the Full House winner would win a cool £5,000. BUT you have to call House within 16 balls. However, that's only until 7pm on Friday. If the jackpot hasn't been won by then the ball call will increase.

Ball Call

The ball call is 16 until 7pm on Friday. If the jackpot hasn't been won, the ball call increases by one ball per hour. So, at 7pm the ball call goes up to 17, at 8pm it is 18 and lastly, the ball call increases to 19 at 9pm. If the jackpot isn't won in the 19 ball call by 10pm on Friday, the jackpot carries over to Saturday. 

Saturday Ball Calls

8pm - 22

9pm - 24

10pm - 26

And if it isn't won by the end...it will just keep rising! The jackpot itself also rises, all depending on how much is staked in the Emoji Bingo Room.

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This promotion is unique to Mecca Bingo but must be played at meccabingo.com and not on mobile app so it's tablet, laptop or PC girls or your smartphone so long as you enter the site through your browser. 

£5 Free for mecca club playersNew to Mecca Bingo?

They have an amazing Welcome Bonus. 

  • Deposit £10, play with £50
  • Mecca No Deposit Newbie Bingo Room
  • £5 No Deposit bonus for Mecca Club Players - simjply sign up with your membership number
  • £10 to play in club as soon as you spend your first £10

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If you do win and want to make a withdrawal, you can actually cash out in your local Mecca Bingo club. You can make one withdrawal per day, just remember your ID.


For games other than the Emoji Escalator there are the very cool Mecca Bingo Phone App and Mecca Bingo Android App so you play on the move and earn Bingo Bonus Points wherever you go.

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