Three Wheel Roulette at Mecca bingo

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Three Wheel RouletteHardly Bingo, but one of the best games we have found recently is "Three Wheel Roulette" from Mecca Bingo. We all know and some of us love the standard roulette game, spin a wheel with numbers 0-49 and hope and pray that the ball lands on a combination of our choice.

Well with "Three Wheel Roulette" (you may have guessed it), there are three wheel. When your ball stops you have Three numbers and three chances of winning a prize. Personally, Im not a big fan of roulette, but have certainly been turned by this game.

No registration required

One of the best things about this game is that you can try completely free with no registration required.

  • Click here to go to Mecca Bingo
  • Click on the all games tab
  • Click on "Three Bingo Roulette"

A pop up will load and then you are free to play. If you are new to Mecca and want to play for cash, you can register and get a £50 free play bonus.