Take Me Out Slot arrives at Mecca Bingo

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Let the bingo see the balls!

Slot fans - here's some news that I'm sure will get you excited - the hit TV dating show has landed exclusively at Mecca Bingo!

You can now play "Take Me Out" slot games and perhaps get the chance to be whisked off to the Isle of Fernandos for a dream date!

So what are you waiting for - No likey, No Lighty?

Bring on the girls and see if there’s a massive prize waiting in the love lift for you.

Play Take Me Out

Take Me Out - Paddy-Ism's

Have you ever wondered if there was a special word for the funny catchphrases Paddy makes before bringing the man down in the love lift?  Well, apparently they are called Paddy-Isms...  and here are some of our favourite Paddy-ism's

  • No likey, no lighty (How could this not be top of the list!)

  • Let the winkle see the picker!

  • Let the oyster see the pearl

  • Will our farmer boy harvest a honey?

  • Let the pinky see the perky!

  • Let the monkey see the nuts!

  • Let the toad see the hole

  • Let the banana see the split


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