£2,000 Queens Birthday Parade

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The Queen is celebrating her official birthday on 16th June and so are Redbus Bingo.

Her majesty has already had such a busy month... so she will be forgiven if she isn't in the mood for a party, but Redbus Bingo hope you are because they have a FREE Bingo game coming up with a £2,000 prize pool!

Find Out More

The Queen's Parade game is coming up at 9pm on June 16th and you have 2 ways in which to gain entry:

  1. Buy Tickets for £1 each (Pre-Buy them now!)
  2. or Earn your FREE Tickets!

Earn Free Tickets Now

You need to earn 500 points to get 1 Free Ticket, you can earn these point by:

  • Earn 250 Points - Email Angie stories about how you celebrate your birthday if you were the Queen to [email protected]
  • Earn 10 Points - Bingo on the Crown pattern
  • Earn 5 Points - Every £1 wagered on Bingo games
  • Earn 1 Point - Every £20 wagered on Instant games

The prizes:

It's a 90 ball bingo game, so the prizes will be split for 3 winning calls with:

  • Full House - £800 Highstreet Vouchers and £300 Cash
  • 2 Lines - £400 High Street Vouchers and £200 Cash
  • 1 L.ine - £200 High Street Vouchers and £100 Cash

Earn Free Tickets