£50,000 Snowball Jackpot at William Hill Bingo

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William Hill Bingo have got two fantastic jackpot prizes lined up for you this month!

Make sure you're buying tickets in the Community Room or Main Room to take part for your chance to "win a share of the £50,000" that William Hill are giving away this month.

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£1,000 Daily Snowball Jackpot

Every day between 30th November and 24th December there's a £1,000 fixed prize guaranteed to be won!  Play in the Community Room or Main Room, where from 10am the ball call number to jackpot will increase by one.

The ball call number starts on 30 every day, and at 10am will increase to 31, at 11am increase to 32 and so on through the day until the £1,000 prize is won.

Progressive Snowball Prize Jackpot

From 30th November there's an additional jackpot to be won in the Community Room and Main Room.  This progressive jackpot prize starts at £1,000 and can be won on ball call number 30.  If the prize isn't won that day, both the prize and ball call number will snowball and increase every day!  The jackpot prize will increase by £1,000 each day and the ball call number to jackpot will increase by one at midnight each day.

The Progressive Snowball jackpot will play every day until 24th December. If the prize is won at any point before this, the ball count will be reset and it all starts again!

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