Bingo Cams first ever chat game tourney!

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Join Bingo Cams every Friday for Lucky Ducky

Get over to Bingocams on each and every Friday night from 7pm to 10pm where they will be playing their NEW fantastic Lucky Duck tourney!

How Does it work?

Simply, pick "your row" from the ball call board and then keep an eye on the board as our balls are drawn. Once all the numbers from your chosen row are out, shout 'Lucky Ducky' and your row number to win! Simple eh!

To give more people a chance to join in Bingo Cam are letting up to 3 people pick the same row but you need to be paying attention as they only give points to the first player on the row who shouts!

The points are allocated as follows;

  • 1st row completed 3 points.
  • 2nd row completed 2 points
  • 3rd row completed 1 point.

At the end of the hour the roomies who have collected the most points win:

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7pm – Join Bingo Cams in Bing Bling for our first tourney.

Here they'll just be getting into the swing of things but eventhough it's just a 'practice round' you'll still win the full winning pots at the end of the game! Prizes:

  • 1st - £10 bonus,
  • 2nd - £7.50 bonus,
  • 3rd - £5 bonus.

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8pm – Join Bingo Cams in Bubblegum for our second tournament.

Now we're into the swing of things the second tournament will begin on the second game after 8pm.  Once everyone has picked their rows we can get going with the competition! Prizes:

  • 1st - £15 bonus,
  • 2nd - £10 bonus,
  • 3rd - £7.50 bonus.

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9pm – Join Bingo Cams in Millionaire for our final tournament.

Finally break into the millionaires vault for the final crack at getting the tourney down. We should all be on the same page now.


  • 1st - £25 bonus,
  • 2nd - £15 bonus,
  • 3rd - £10 bonus.

So get practicing in the rooms and don't forget to put Friday 7pm to 10pm in your diary – you don't want to miss out on this!

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