Bonus side-games are the future!

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Jackpot JoyEverybody hates losing on a bingo game and as pleased as you are for the lucky full house winner you always wish it was you instead. Well Jackpotjoy could have the solution, with their new bingo bonus games. Never again will you have to feel blue about not winning in a game of online bingo because you now have a second chance to win in the bonus game!

Jackpotjoy are announcing their best kept secret…bingo bonus games with a new TV advert featuring non-other than the Queen of Bingo herself-Bab’s. She stars in the new ad with a little dog who is trying to let her know about the amount of winners by barking his little heart out. This is obviously to show the sheer number of winners there are now, due to these new bingo bonus games. The sites free £20 when you spend £10 slogan is also displayed for all to see without the only applying to new player’s part. However, the main message that there are even more ways to win at Jackpotjoy now is broadcasted very well. What does Barbara think of these new games?

Barbara_Windsor"My favourite bonus game is the one where you have to match up the three parts of the Tiki Islanders bodies! It's a brilliant way for the members to continue having fun with the games; it's this focus on entertainment that makes me love being the Queen of Bingo at Jackpotjoy!"

So what are these new bingo bonus games? They are short additional games which play after the main jackpots have been dished out. There will be 10 added to the bingo site, in total, and each one will uniquely add an animated mini game so you can win more cash. Who will get to play? Players will be randomly selected for these games which will make them doubly exciting to play!

This is what the Managing Director Michael Saunders had to say: "The site has changed so much recently and we're all excited to see how our members receive the new Bonus games. They are all really dynamic and provide an added bit of fun with the chance of winning a cash bonus!” He also explained: "What's great about these games is that even more money will be won by playing Bingo, meaning we'll be celebrating more winners than ever before which is what Jackpotjoy is all about!"