Can Men Play Bingo?

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Is Bingo just for women or are men allowed to play? Most folks would say it's a woman's game but let's take a moment to help bust that myth.

The TV ads all feature women (apart from the memorable one with Vic Reeves but he was dressed as a lady to be fair), the online bingo sites are all pink, the prizes and games all have that strong female theme and of course the Bingo halls that have been around for years have queues of, yes, predominantly women outside. So, how could you own up to your mates that your latest hobby is playing a girl's game online with a bunch of girls?


As the games are all online, you don't have to suffer the embarrassment of going to visit the local Bingo hall, you can happily stay in your own home.

Sit yourself on the sofa, cold beer in hand (not your Bingo hand) and Top Gear re-runs on Dave on the box. And let the fun begin! Bingo is so fast-paced and exciting. When it's online you can play anytime of day with a chance of winning big money and, as if that wasn't enough, tell your mates;

  • You like to have a flutter online
  • You get to chat to lots of women every night

Oh, and of course don't forget to tell them

  • How much money you won!!!!

Still not sure? You can play Free Bingo, you can join and play Bingo without having to deposit any money - why not try 32Reb Bingo today and get £10 free play just for signing up? It couldn't be more simple. And if you like it, come back and tell us.

I think we can safely say that Yes! Men can play Bingo!