Euro 2016 Bingo Promotions and Bonus Codes

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Euro 2016 means big wins for everyone!Daily Euro 2016 Games at the best bingo sites

So, that time has arrived again; the husband has posted his hilarious Facebook status saying we're spending some time apart and the big TV in the living room has been taken over by him and his friends, when he's not in the pub that is. 

Yes, Euro 2016 is here. The European Championship sees every workplace holding a sweepstake, more bets placed onlne and in shops than on your average summer days and, of course, the TV schedule is completelty out of whack! Thanks boys!

What can we do about it? My suggestion is go with the flow and I don't mean join in cheering at the TV (I tried that tactic yesterday for the opening match and only lasted 5 minutes before I was bored). Take advantage of a specially themed Euro 2016 bingo promotion. It's the only way to survive the next 4 weeks!

Friday 10th June to Thursday 7th July

For the whole of this period there are daily games happening at a bunch of bingo sites. Sites in the Virtue Fusion Network are joining in with the games, all named slightly differently but all taking place at the same times every day. There are 5 games playing each day and each game has a prize pool of £2016!

The first game kicks off at 7pm and there is a fixture every hour until the last one at 11pm. Every day!

What are the cash prizes?

Full House will net you a £1000 win!

2 Lines gets you £700 and 1 Line bags £316. Imagine scoring a hat-trick in one of these games!


Tickets cost 50p

Maximum 36 tickets per game

Which sites are playing the Euro 2016 Daily Games?

Below, we have listed all the sites taking part and also which rooms they are being played in.  

Even if you are already an existing member of one of the sites listed, why not try a new bingo site and take advantage of an amazing New Player Bonus? If you sign up to Betfred Bingo or Paddy Bingo you will actually be able to get a no-wagering bonus too which is, let's face it, the holy grail of bingo!

So, what are you waiting for? Eyes down, look in....let's Bingo!!

Site Promotion Name
New Player Bonus
Claim Bonus
£2,016 Daily Games

Playing in the Big Money Room

Spend £10, play with £50!! Claim!
£2016 Games

Playing in the Gold Rush Room

Spend £10, play with £50!! Claim!
£2016 Daily Games Playing in the Guity Pleasures Room. 200% bonus plus £20 slots bonus Claim!
£2016 Daily Games Playing in the Betfred Bunker Room Exclusive to BestBingoWebsites deposit £10, play with £60! no wager bonus Claim!
2016 Daily Games Playing in the Living Room Spend £10, play with £40 Claim!
Euro 2016 Kick Off Playing in the Anytime Room  Spend £5, play with £40 Claim!
Score a Share of £350k Playing in the Main Room. Spend £10, play with £50 Claim!
£2016 Goal Games Playing in the Metropolis Room. Spend £10, play with £50 Claim!
£2,016 Bingoooal! Playing in Peggy's Place

£5 no deposit bonus   -   Spend £10, play with £50

£2,016 Daily Games Playing in the Gold Room.

Spend £5, play with £40 no wager bonus


Ts & Cs Apply - check websites for full details


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