Kyrasmum wins the Big Bang Progressive Jackpot for £17,653.70!

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Big Winner at BingoCamsMassive congratulations to "Kyrasmum" who became BingoCams first ever U.K Big Bang Progressive Jackpot winner!   She has netted herself a massive £17,653.70 by winning a full house on the 31st ball in the BingBling room with a £1.02 only wager in the BlingBling room!

The Live Win Moment shows that she can't believe her eyes... totally flabbergasted!

The Big Bang Progressive Jackpot amount has now been reset to £10,000 - next time it could be you scooping the humongous prize!

Interviews with BigBang Progressive Jackpot winner for £17,653.70!

What was your reaction when you realised you'd won? I didn't realise straight away. In fact it was the rest of the Bingocams community that alerted me to my win and were congratulating me. So I checked my balance and there it was £17,653.70

When did you first sign up at I pre registered to qualify for the sign up bonus which I received and played out. I then hadn't played for a while until yesterday when I deposited £10 and within an hour, I won the progressive jackpot!

What is the first thing you are going to do with the money? The first thing I'm going to do is send half to my Bingo Buddy "BeckiBooful" who is also a player on the site and a good friend of mine. We made a pact that if either one of us was to win a jackpot that we would share it equally. After that – I'm going to go shopping and maybe treat myself to a holiday. Do you like the community aspect of Bingocams? I really like it a lot. It's a really fun and friendly place to play bingo and I love that everyone is rooting for you to win and share in your excitement. I still can't believe I won.